Village Quality Products Ltd Distribution Warehouse

  • Village Quality Products Ltd  Distribution Warehouse


The entire site was re-planned and the foundation for all the plans and procedures were overseen and tailored to the customer’s needs and specifications. Freezer and chiller spaces were re ensembled and reserviced. All racking services and reassembling were completed by Debden DC. An entire high-bay systems were introduced. All forklift and pump trucks hiring were completed and all relevant documentations were handed over to the clients. All office spaces such as partitions, raising floors, suspended ceilings along with plastering and painting were also finalised.

All essentials for office use, such as heating and electrical works have been finalised and completed. All furniture picking a fitting had to be thought through for the clients needs and budgets were also completed by Debden DC.

All Data, such as IP telephone, CCTV intruder alarm, fire alarm, lighting system for all essentials were over seen and certificated and handed over to the client, the project has taken thirteen months to complete. The client was over the moon as all his key points have been tailored for the nature of his business. We as Debden Design and Construction  feel so grateful and honoured to see our clients walk away with a very big smile, this means more to Debden Design and Construction.

Village Quality Products
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